Okay, So Now What?

Thank you for clicking on my blog!

“The next time you mind wanders, follow it around for a while.”

Jessica Masterson

I guess you could say this is my New Years Resolution.

I’ve thought about starting a blog for years, so in the spirit of finishing everything I never started this, here we are. This may end up being a (public) journal that only I ever read, but hopefully someone will stumble onto this page one day and we can build a community.

I have so many ideas of what to talk about in my blog – a random collection of thoughts and experiences from everyday life of a twenty-something. I’m excited to connect with you about traveling the world, being a #girlboss, thinking long term, making friends, playing video games past my bedtime, and googling “YOLO” to stay relevant.

I don’t have the answers to anything yet, but damn it- I’m trying!

I took this picture this weekend when I visited Portland, Oregon. It’s not really relevant to this post, but it’s too pretty not to share.

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