Meal Prep Madness

I didn’t think it was possible to spend six hours cooking. Today was literally meal prep madness (picture and recipes below).

I have been prepping our lunches for a few years now, but because I can’t cook (see previous post for evidence), our meal prep generally consists of plain, grilled chicken and white rice.

That’s it.

So, today I tried something a little different.

Enter, Rachel. Rachel can cook.

Her and I made an event of it and did our meal prepping together. We agreed on four recipes to make (which, can I just say, was quite the process. I thought for sure that by the time I went through all of the vegetables my husband wouldn’t eat, she would definitely change her mind about meal prepping with me). Anyway, I digress. We choose four meals, went to the grocery store, split the bill, and got to work!

Cooking is such a chore for me, but it was surprisingly fun because we did it together.
Also, because this:

But seriously, wine, chocolate cake, and blueberries aside, the time passed so much quicker because we were talking, laughing, and sipping our way through the process.

At the end of the afternoon, we ended up with 20 delicious and healthy meals, so we have lunches for the (work) week for both of our households. The best part? We only spent about $60.00 total, or $3.00 per meal!

We also cooked up some bonus things just because we could.
As a result of poor planning, I somehow ended up with 3 unopened bags of flour in my pantry (do you believe me yet that I can’t cook?), so we made some fresh bread.

My house smells perfect.

Seriously, nothing beats the smell of freshly baked bread. I’ve never made bread from scratch before (obviously), and it was surprisingly easy.

All said and done, Rachel said she’ll cook with me again next week, so I must have contributed something to the process (flour). I can’t believe I cooked for 6 hours today, but I’m so excited to eat these meals!

Snapchat filters ftw

Curious about what we cooked?

Meal Prep Garlic Chicken and Veggie Pasta from Tasty:

Chicken Shawarma Meal Prep (just the chicken) from Damn Delicious:

Chicken Burrito Bowl Meal Prep (sub pico for peppers) from Damn Delicious:

Classic Sandwich Bread (made with 50% Whole Wheat Buckwheat flour) from King Arthur Flour:

Rachel’s Fried Rice (there’s no link for this one…)

And completely unoriginal boxed, blueberry muffins.

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