Zero to a 100

Tell me if this sounds like you, too! I have perfected the art of trying to go from zero to 100 on a diet or exercise routine and I end up completely falling flat.

This time around I swore I wasn’t going to do that, and I’m really trying! I had a misstep this week, though, so I thought I’d share.

I’ve had a goal for a long, long time to be able to run a consecutive mile. No matter how much my fitness level seems to improve, my cardio is always lagging behind, so being able to run a mile is a really big thing for me.

After getting increasingly consistent with kickboxing and doing some casual jogging a few mornings before work, I was ready for the big test.

8 laps. 1 mile. No stopping.

I made it through lap two and I was already starting to slow down.
2/8. Uh oh!
I kept telling myself I’d get a second wind, so I went for 3.
Then I decided if I could do 3, I might as well just push through a 4th and say I did a half mile. So I did 4. After crossing the line for 4 I thought I could run for a little bit longer, so I set my sights on 6 laps. 3/4 of a mile on my first attempt is not something I was going to complain about!

So I wrapped up lap 5 and strove for the final 6th lap. I did 6 and I just kept running.
Lap 7: struggle city!
and finally – could I really do it??
Lap 8!: barely made it, but I did!

Nailed it!

After my victorious mile I walked a lap and then jogged another half mile!

And then one more!

So all said and done, I jogged two miles. I have never been more proud of myself. I felt great after running and got all excited. I told myself I was going to wake up at 5:30am (UGH!) so I could do this every day!

Do you see where this story is headed?? 😀

The same. old. trap.

The next morning I woke up and decided to go for a run again. Like a total dummy I didn’t even stretch first – I went right for the track with my sights set on two miles!

To make a long story short, I really underestimated how sore I was. I made it one lap and was ready to lay down and stay there forever. I definitely cannot run a continuous mile two days in a row.

The biggest problem with trying to go from 0 to 100 is the aftermath from that exciting day one. I had to skip the gym for the next three days to recover! If I had just celebrated my victory of one continuous mile, I would have been able to go the next day and keep gradually building and improving. But now I’m at home. eating candy. not running.

Whatever your fitness goals are, take your time! Going from 0 to 5 and then 5 to 10 will get you a lot further than 0 to 100 just to reset back to 0 every time!

Own Your Motivation

Have you ever tried to follow a plan and it didn’t work out? Maybe it was a meal plan, or a workout plan, or anything else! I had this experience recently and I came away having learned something really important about myself.

First, I want to say that I really hate all things fad, trend, quick fix, and “just do this” when it comes to diet and exercise! However, my gym was starting up a 45 Day Challenge and I decided to join to see what it was all about.

The rules were simple:

  • Go to the gym 3 times a week for 6 weeks
  • Do home workouts 2 times a week
  • Follow a nutrition guide to inform healthy meal choices
  • Join a Facebook group to connect with your “coach” and peers in the program

The goal? Lose either 25lbs or 6% body fat in 6 weeks.

This sounded fun and didn’t involve any dietary choices that I don’t believe in (like eliminating carbs or extreme calorie restrictions). I was feeling really excited after having signed up!

So let’s fast forward… I started noticing that I was reacting to some components of the challenge in an unexpected way. For example, when people would post about their progress in the Facebook group, I felt demotivated. I thought about leaving the group.

I found myself eating more foods off the meal plan than usual. I am already a meal-prepper and the lunches I have been making for years perfectly fit within the meal plan, but I no longer wanted to eat them.

The final push for me was realizing that participating in the 45 Day Challenge made me want to go to the gym less!

So what was going on??

I had a chat with a close friend and tried to unpack this a little, and here is what I learned about myself:

My motivation is intensely personal.

I did not want to work toward these goals anymore because they were their goals, not my goals. And I should note that these goals are the same. The. Exact. Same. But it was no longer personal.

I realized that I had lost sight of my goals and my reasons for joining the challenge to begin with. I felt like I was just part of this group who was saying go here, eat this, workout now.

I also realized that I was struggling a lot with feeling a loss of independence. My sense of independence is strongly tied to my self-worth, and I realized that I felt like because I was getting help by participating in the challenge, it wasn’t good.. I wasn’t good.. So I thought I should just quit (and eat brownies).

Who knew this 45 Day Challenge was going to be SO challenging for me as an individual, and not because of the burpees! Clearly I had some things to work through if I was going to be successful!

Anyway, I wanted to share this story because maybe sometime (maybe today even!) you may find yourself struggling to keep up with a plan you made – a challenge you accepted – a goal you set for your New Years resolution.

And maybe you are a person who can be incredibly inspired by Facebook groups, a 6-week challenge, a blog post, or a picture of a beautiful (healthy!) model… but if you’re not –

Own your motivation!

Your goals are yours. You set them for you. You’re going to accomplish them for you, because of you. Because you’ve got this. You are enough. And most importantly – 

You are worth it!

Hello Airport, My Old Friend

It’s time for a travel post!

This weekend we are taking off to Albuquerque, New Mexico! Our weekend destination was decided at 4pm today, so I don’t really know what to expect of this trip.

My husband, Justin, works for an airline, so we typically travel 2 weekends a month. When we travel we fly stand-by, so it is always an adventure when we decide to explore a new city for the weekend!

We have spent many hours sitting in airports, sprinting to gates, getting our bags pulled in security (always his!), and getting bumped off of flights!

However, I am writing this on the plane – today we made it! I guess I better book a hotel…

There are tons of fun things about flying stand-by. One thing that is not fun- having no idea you’re heading to the airport straight from work, and being totally unprepared..

This is not an airplane outfit.

Anyway, I am excited to check New Mexico off the list (we’re trying to get all 50 states!), and it looks like it’s going to be a rainy weekend in ABQ! 🌧💛

Gotta love this stand-by life!

P.S. – where should we go next weekend??

Back to the Gym!

Fresh off of my meal-prep victory from yesterday, it was time to get back into the gym routine. I’m pretty good about going consistently, but I missed the last two weeks due to the holiday chaos.

For years I did the usual yo-yo of going to the gym for two days, feeling super sore and skipping a few days, and then falling off the wagon altogether. However, I’ve found that going to a gym that is fun and doing workouts you love makes all of the difference.

I would rather die than lift weights.

I go to iLoveKickboxing twice (once?) a week, and I’m working my way through a Couch-to-5k running program for 3 more days a week. Like my meal prepping, I’ve found that doing it with a friend really helps build a routine. Accountability buddies for the win!

I’m lucky to have a metabolism that mostly keeps up with my candy-eating, but I’m really striving to get fit and healthy. I’m certainly not a fitness guru, but I some fitness goals, and I’m willing to put in the work to achieve them!

What are your fitness goals for the new year??

Trying to look buff!

Meal Prep Madness

I didn’t think it was possible to spend six hours cooking. Today was literally meal prep madness (picture and recipes below).

I have been prepping our lunches for a few years now, but because I can’t cook (see previous post for evidence), our meal prep generally consists of plain, grilled chicken and white rice.

That’s it.

So, today I tried something a little different.

Enter, Rachel. Rachel can cook.

Her and I made an event of it and did our meal prepping together. We agreed on four recipes to make (which, can I just say, was quite the process. I thought for sure that by the time I went through all of the vegetables my husband wouldn’t eat, she would definitely change her mind about meal prepping with me). Anyway, I digress. We choose four meals, went to the grocery store, split the bill, and got to work!

Cooking is such a chore for me, but it was surprisingly fun because we did it together.
Also, because this:

But seriously, wine, chocolate cake, and blueberries aside, the time passed so much quicker because we were talking, laughing, and sipping our way through the process.

At the end of the afternoon, we ended up with 20 delicious and healthy meals, so we have lunches for the (work) week for both of our households. The best part? We only spent about $60.00 total, or $3.00 per meal!

We also cooked up some bonus things just because we could.
As a result of poor planning, I somehow ended up with 3 unopened bags of flour in my pantry (do you believe me yet that I can’t cook?), so we made some fresh bread.

My house smells perfect.

Seriously, nothing beats the smell of freshly baked bread. I’ve never made bread from scratch before (obviously), and it was surprisingly easy.

All said and done, Rachel said she’ll cook with me again next week, so I must have contributed something to the process (flour). I can’t believe I cooked for 6 hours today, but I’m so excited to eat these meals!

Snapchat filters ftw

Curious about what we cooked?

Meal Prep Garlic Chicken and Veggie Pasta from Tasty:

Chicken Shawarma Meal Prep (just the chicken) from Damn Delicious:

Chicken Burrito Bowl Meal Prep (sub pico for peppers) from Damn Delicious:

Classic Sandwich Bread (made with 50% Whole Wheat Buckwheat flour) from King Arthur Flour:

Rachel’s Fried Rice (there’s no link for this one…)

And completely unoriginal boxed, blueberry muffins.

Trying to Cook

Have you ever heard those jokes about a man having to survive the first year of his wife’s cooking?

Hilarious (*eyeroll*) – but here is the problem.. I have been cooking for my husband for almost 10 years now, and I’m still useless in the kitchen. Here I was, well on my way to preparing what could have been a perfectly edible broccoli with beef, just to make it to the final step and realize I don’t have soy sauce.

Plan B? Bunny Pasta with Yummy Cheese.

You may be wondering why I didn’t check for soy sauce before I started cooking, but I think the real question is: Why does a grown a** adult have bunny pasta with yummy cheese in the pantry??

Anyway, if you haven’t downloaded the Tasty app yet, I can’t recommend it enough. It is literally the only reason I have ever cooked a dinner that hasn’t been thrown away. I mean how delicious (and not mess-up-able) does this Pesto Pasta Bake look?

“I Don’t Wanna”

Can I just start by saying that I try to be a pretty rational person most of the time..

That said, I have reached a point in my life where I really feel like “I don’t wanna” is a perfectly reasonable excuse for not doing something.

We are constantly surrounded by so much advice and so many opinions, and a lot of it is really good or helpful, but sometimes it’s okay to just be okay – not constantly striving.

Can you relate??


Kelle, you should really work on your networking…

Kelle, you should stop eating so much candy at work…

Kelle, you need to read more instead of playing video games…

True, but I don’t wanna..

Okay, So Now What?

Thank you for clicking on my blog!

“The next time you mind wanders, follow it around for a while.”

Jessica Masterson

I guess you could say this is my New Years Resolution.

I’ve thought about starting a blog for years, so in the spirit of finishing everything I never started this, here we are. This may end up being a (public) journal that only I ever read, but hopefully someone will stumble onto this page one day and we can build a community.

I have so many ideas of what to talk about in my blog – a random collection of thoughts and experiences from everyday life of a twenty-something. I’m excited to connect with you about traveling the world, being a #girlboss, thinking long term, making friends, playing video games past my bedtime, and googling “YOLO” to stay relevant.

I don’t have the answers to anything yet, but damn it- I’m trying!

I took this picture this weekend when I visited Portland, Oregon. It’s not really relevant to this post, but it’s too pretty not to share.